Q. How much does it cost to paint?

A. The items range from £4 up to around 


Q. Is there a studio or painting fee?

A. No! The price you see on the shelf is the price you pay. It keeps it simple!

Q. Can I take my pot home the same day?

A. No. The item needs glazing and firing or the paint will wash off.
Alternatively you can paint in acrylic paint and take this home the same day. It is only suitable for decorative items as acrylic paint is not food safe and it is not suitable for painters under 10 years as it does not come out of clothing!

Q. Will you post my pot if I do not live locally?

A. Yes. We are happy to post items out, you just need to pay for the postage and packaging, however, we do not accept any responsibility for any broken or damaged pots.

Q. Can I paint my pot at home?

A. Yes! We can supply you with paints etc for a £20 deposit which you receive back when you bring the paints back with your item ready for glazing.

Q. Do I need to book?

A. It is always advisable as I would hate to turn you away! Definitely during school holidays and weekends!

Q. Do you serve food and drink?

A. We sell hot and cold drinks and snacks.

Q. How long does it take to paint?

A. Allow at least an hour but this is just a guideline as it will depend on the intricacy of your design and your attention span! There is no restriction on time (other than when we close!) and you can always come back to finish your painting another day, we will keep it safe for a month.

Q. When will I get my pot back?

A. All the items are glazed and fired on the premises and take 7 days however at busier times like Christmas it is around 10 days. Please ask if you need your pot back sooner, we will try our best to accommodate!

Q. Do you take credit/debit cards?

A. No, it is cash only.

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. No! All the paint is water-based and non-toxic so it is all baby safe. There is no upper age limit, we recently had an 80th birthday celebration! If you are over 75 and come in with both your parents you will get free drinks all round !

Q. Do you do a late night opening?

A. Yes, occasionally we do a late evening however they do get booked quickly, keep an eye out on the “News and Events Page” for updates.

Q. Is Pottering Around the best Ceramics Studio in South Yorkshire?

A. If a certain lager made Ceramics Studios, probably!
Q. Do you sell gift vouchers?

A. Yes, to the amount of your choice and they are valid for 6 month.



Pottering Around Ceramics Studio 50 Middlewood Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield, S6 4HA. Tel: 07719764640